Articles and Writings by The Tarot Cat

Quirky Questions - My Monthly Tarot Agony Uncle Column!

In 2018 I wrote a regular-ish Tarot Agony Uncle column called Quirky Questions. Some of these articles appeared on the TABI (Tarot Association for the British Isles) blog and others appear on the British Tarot website.


Blending the Rider-Waite-Smith and the Tarot de Marseille 

An article introducing two classic schools of tarot and providing tips on how to combine both approaches into one reading. Published in Volume 2/Issue 4 copy of The Cartomancer magazine- order it here.


When Death Means Death; What's Your Tarot Theme Card?

An article on the theme of death in the tarot and how death made me a tarot reader. Published on Christiana Gaudet's website - my favourite tarot teacher and Tarot Grandmaster.



Kitty Tarot Decks

An article celebrating cat-themed tarot decks, published in Your Cat magazine. 

My Tarot-Music Blog was a temporary blog I wrote exploring connections between tarot and music. I also interviewed fascinating underground musicians via tarot decks (amongst some general tarot thoughts). I may update it in the future, if the mood takes me!



Observations from a Hellbound Fag Boy

A cheeky queer tarot piece for Little Red Tarot.



Ever Made a Terrible Tarot Deck?

One of my first and most fun pieces, published on my old blog. I expose my dreadful, kitschy but charming home-made Prisoner Cell Block H tarot deck!



Regular Magazine Columns

Some examples of my past tarot columns in Transliving Magazine and Your Cat Magazine, where I provided printed tarot readings for the readers.



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