Hand-Written Tarot Readings

Hand-written tarot readings by mail / post, posted directly to your front door.

Includes an actual tarot card with your beautiful, colourful letter!


This is tarot card reading via old fashioned snail mail / letter —posted to your home! A compassionate answer is offered to one question. Includes the actual tarot card that I used for your reading.


To order a mail reading, visit my Etsy page.

The reading will be written by myself and posted to you in the mail. You can ask me one question, and I will give you an in-depth reading with two cards. These tarot readings offer you guidance and advice. I'm a qualified counsellor, a practising Buddhist and I'm very open-minded; all of this is reflected in my written readings. I love working with all kinds of issues including relationships, career, spirituality, creative projects, feeling 'stuck' in life and more.

How it works: you simply send me a little information about your life for me to work with, for example a specific issue you want to look at. A sentence or two is fine. I do not do general readings - I need to know a specific area you would like me to focus on, with a bit of info to work with.


I am an intuitive tarot counsellor, rather than a psychic. I offer you compassionate support through tarot.


These readings also make ideal gifts for a friend or loved one. If you are ordering for someone else, please just let me know their name and either something about them or something they're experiencing. 

I will meditate on you/your question and then pull two cards to offer guidance. I will have your reading completed and sent out to you within three business days (maximum) of receiving your payment (I post worldwide), but please allow extra time for it to reach your country if you are not in the UK (I am based in Scotland). Postage is free, no matter where you live in the world.

I've been reading tarot for around 15 years and I really know my cards. I specialise in beautifully written, modern readings and I have written articles for some of the biggest tarot websites in the world. I receive beautiful feedback from my clients!

Readings are roughly one side of A4 paper, and they come on recycled colourful paper.

PLEASE NOTE: my readings are not predictive. They will not tell you ‘what is going to happen’, as I don’t believe that our futures are mapped out before us. The readings aim to give you positive guidance and advice for moving forward within your situation. I do however believe that you will get the right card for your situation, and that there’s always an uncanny synchronicity and accuracy to every good tarot reading! 

I can't wait to read for you or your loved one by old-fashioned letter!

To order, visit my Etsy page.

Best wishes,

Ste / Tarot Cat xx