The Tarot Cat's Code of Ethics

Please read before booking a reading with me

  • I won’t answer questions about your health, as only a qualified medical professional can tell you about your physical condition. I also cannot advise you on legal or financial matters. I am however happy to work with your feelings around any of these issues, or how they affect you.

  • I can’t tell you what other people in your life are doing or thinking. My readings are about you and the control you have in your own life. 

  • If I think you are in deep emotional turmoil, I will let you know where you can find a reputable counsellor, possibly instead of a reading. 

  • I will not speak in gendered terms and I won’t make any assumptions about your gender or the gender of others in your life.

  • I am not a psychic or medium and I do not contact the dead or predict the future. I consider myself to be an intuitive tarot reader, but I believe it’s the cards and you who have all of the wisdom - it’s my job to bring you both together! 

  • Your readings are 100% confidential and I will not share anything about your life or your reading to others. The only exceptions are if you disclose anything illegal (I have to say this, but don't be shy if you did something minor like stole some cheese from the supermarket once!). Also, if you say something that makes me think you might seriously harm yourself or others, I will have to share this with the relevant authorities/support organisations.

  • My tarot readings are for "entertainment" purposes only and I am not responsible for any actions you take after receiving a reading. Another one of those things I have to say!

  • I only provide readings for people over 18 years of age and I can refuse to provide a reading to anyone at any time. If for any reason I feel I can't read for you I will provide a full refund.