Empowering Tarot Readings by Email



Above: Mr. Fox poses at my tarot desk for a Sharp Kitten Reading

My email readings are detailed, personal and they speak clearly to you about your life. My style is sensitive, smart and empathic and all readings come in a pretty kitty PDF document (along with high-quality photos of your cards). Readings are complete within a week (maximum) and my cats may or may not be in the photos, depending on their mood! Please read my ethics on this page before ordering. Simply order from the drop-down Paypal button below, pay, and then do nothing; I will email you shortly afterwards to get a little information, and then we're good to go! PLEASE NOTE that I do not do 'general' life readings - I require information about your life or situation to work with. A solid question for £12 readings is fine; a few sentences/short paragraph are needed for £30 readings. For an example of my email readings, check out the temporary blog I provided on the TABI website!


  • The Sharp Kitten Reading (£12). For new ideas, fresh perspectives and detailed tarot inspiration on one clear question. I use one card in detail. People are often amazed by how much detail I pull out of one card; I prefer to work with the symbolism deeply than to pull out several cards and 'skim' through them. 


  • The Big Wise Cat Reading (£30). For something really in-depth in relation to an issue that you want to look at. I use 2 or 3 cards in immense detail, and each reading gets around 1.5 hours of my time. This is not a simple 'here's what will happen' tarot reading by any stretch of the imagination; this gets to the heart of the matter and offers you wisdom, compassion and fresh perspectives for moving forward. Please read about my approach to tarot before ordering!


  • Gift Voucher (£30). Are you looking to get something different as a gift for someone in your life? After ordering, email tarotcatuk@gmail.com with the name of the person you’re buying for, and I’ll send you an e-voucher for a Big Wise Cat Reading. 


  • RE PAYMENT: Don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account; simply click 'pay with credit or debit card' or 'Guest Checkout' after pressing the 'Buy Now' button to enter your payment details.