Cards Relating to LGBT+ Experiences

A little while ago I asked tarot genius and all round lovely person (okay I've not met her, but I've seen a LOT of her videos and she oozes loveliness) Christiana Gaudet which cards she feels speak to particular LGBT+ experiences. Today she posted a great little essay on her blog and made this excellent youtube video answering my question, which I urge every tarot reader/professional/hobbyist to watch right now!

Every reader who works with others will read for LGBT+ people, it's as simple as that. As traditional meanings in tarot can - gender-wise- be so alienating to many, it's important for all of us to start thinking about how we can be as genuinely inclusive as we can to ALL people who we read for, without falling back on dreaded cliches such as "you'll meet a talk, dark handsome stranger....". To be fair, I do know some fabulous butch women who fit the "tall, dark, handsome" description but it really might not help you in the long run. Okay! I have so many thoughts on this topic that I'm going to get off my arse fairly soon and start blogging more about it, but for now, over to Christiana :

Love Ste / The Tarot Cat x

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