New Column in Your Cat Magazine!

My tarot chickens!

I'm so happy to tell you that I have a new regular column in Your Cat Magazine (the UK's biggest magazine for cat owners and lovers).

In each issue I will be providing a free published tarot reading for readers of the magazine. Questions I answer will be related to how your relationship with your cat is affecting you, for example maybe you're falling out with your partner over your cat, perhaps you're sad that your kitty has passed away and you want to find a positive way forward, or maybe you just can't decide if you should get a new cat or not. In short, I can work with anything that is about you in relation to your cat - I can't answer questions about your cat's behaviour or health issues as there are better qualified professionals out there to do that (although I could certainly pull a card for how your cat's health or behaviour is affecting you personally).

Here's my first column, from the January 2016 issue - beautiful isn't it?

You can get your copy of Your Cat at WHSmith, Pets at Home or larger UK supermarkets - or simply order online from their website. Miaow!

Tarot Cat xx

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