New Tarot-Music Blog

Hello chickens,

I have a new regular blog over at where I'll be posting my thoughts (and occasional rantings) about tarot, with a special focus on the link between tarot and DIY/alternative music. It will be updated sporadically when I am inspired to interview an amazing band/musician via tarot, or when I discover something interesting that I need to share. I won't blog for the simple sake of it!

This website remains as my main internet home where you can book readings, read about major updates/projects and get the main overview of my work with tarot. Basic blog editing with Wix (the host) is however ridiculously clunky and - at times - just plain impossible to use, hence the blogging being done over at Blogspot.

My first few posts are up now, which include links to some incredible tarot-inspired musicians as well as an interview with fabulous electro-pop feminist musician Gaptooth, who I chatted with via the tarot. More interviews with fascinating musicians are on the cards!

Please do also sign up to my Tarot Kittens mailing list - I will be sending newsletters irregularly but they'll be bumper full of joy when they do arrive. Apologies if you've signed up already - I'm waiting on some (hopefully) exciting news very soon which I will be finally kicking off my newsletter with. Keep your fingers crossed for me babes!

Love Ste xx

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