Tarot Therapy Readings (Midlothian, Scotland)


"It’s just incredible how empowering an open discussion about the past, present and future with Ste's Tarot Therapy can be. It's not all about the answers, but about asking yourself questions." (Lacey, Tarot Therapy Client)






What is Tarot Therapy?

Tarot Therapy is a creative, fun and modern way of using tarot cards for decision making and empowerment. When I work with tarot, I use my experience as a qualified person-centred counsellor to encourage you to explore your own interpretations of the cards. You bring an issue in your life that you want to explore, and I will help you to make sense of the story that is unfolding in the cards for yourself. During the sessions I might discuss some of the traditional meanings behind your chosen cards, in order to support your own interpretations. The idea is to use tarot art and symbolism to bring about positive change and self-discovery, rather than me performing a traditional reading where the reader typically does all of the talking. I don’t believe that your future is mapped out before you, but I do believe that tarot can help you to uncover ‘blind spots’. These one-off sessions are not designed as a formal, deep therapy service to explore traumatic issues, but rather they work as great catalysts for change when you are feeling stuck with everyday (but important) issues such as work, relationships or projects. It’s very much a collaborative process, and if you come for a session with an open attitude, you might be surprised by the inspiration that you walk away with!


Price and Length of Sessions

Sessions cost £25 and they last 30 minutes. Tea and cats included!


What Tarot Therapy isn’t - PLEASE READ

I do not predict the future, or offer psychic messages. I am not a psychic, a medium, or fortune teller. Whilst I love traditional tarot readings (I pay for the occasional psychic reading myself!), it is simply not what I do. Please also check my ethics on this page before ordering, and be sure that Tarot Therapy is the kind of tarot reading that you are looking for! 


"Whether I feel like the world is crumbling around me or everything is just fine, a Tarot Therapy Session with Ste is guaranteed to make me feel better. Ste is always respectful and professional, he creates pleasant, relaxing atmosphere where you can just open up and explore whatever is on your mind without any fear or judgement." (Candice, Tarot Therapy client)


To book a session, simply drop me an email and we’ll take it from there. Payment is by cash on the day of the session. Sessions are available on Mondays or Fridays in the afternoons or evenings.


Location: Temple is in Midlothian, near the town of Gorebridge, about ten miles south of Edinburgh. There is no public transport in Temple, so you need to drive here or arrange a lift, but the views are worth it!

“I found the approach of helping guide the sitter to find their own meaning and understanding/solutions really helpful. I think it's a great approach to challenges that reaches beyond tarot.” (Marvin, Tarot Therapy Client)

“I've never had this kind of session before, I really like that I was interpreting the cards, never done this before. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome!” (Lizzy, Tarot Therapy Client)