Becoming Your Own Tarot Reader — Workshops Online and in Scotland.

The next workshop will be at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Edinburgh, later in 2021. More info soon. Info on my last workshop with them is here.

This workshop is aimed at those who are new to tarot, or those who have always been interested but are struggling to know where to start. It focuses on making a deep connection with tarot cards for your own wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what you do (or don’t) believe about the tarot; this workshop is suitable for those who are looking to explore the tarot as a spiritual practice, as well as those interested in tarot as a work of art or a self-support tool.


Learn a modern, empathic approach that supports you and invites reflection, rather than predicts the future.

What to Expect on My Workshops

The first part of the workshop will cover a brief history of the tarot (along with a lot of myth-busting), and it will introduce the myriad of ways in which tarot cards are used throughout the world. You will learn the basic structure of the tarot, and how to use a basic, simple tarot formula to begin reading tarot cards straight away.

The second part of the afternoon will involve learning to read the cards for yourself, developing your intuition, tarot meditation and keeping a tarot journal. It aims to give you everything you need to begin reading the cards for yourself with enthusiasm. 

If you're looking for a tarot workshop that focuses on using tarot for wellbeing (rather than fortune-telling) at your event/festival etc, do get in touch.

"The workshop completely opened my eyes when it comes to tarot in a very positive way. Very positive experience, great energy, definitely encouraged me to get more involved in tarot. I highly recommend this workshop." Workshop Participant, December 2018


"The contents of the workshop were very accurate and well structured.  Very good energy!"

Workshop Participant, December 2018

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