Becoming Your Own Tarot Reader - workshops and tuition in Temple, Midlothian

Learn how to read tarot for yourself, in order to become your own tarot reader. Start a potentially lifelong journey with a tool that can enrich your life, without having to pay expensive prices for tarot readings from strangers.

To buy tickets for my next Edinburgh workshops (held at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in December 2020 and April 2021), click here!


My tarot lessons and workshops are aimed at those who are new to tarot, or those who have always been interested but are struggling to know where to start. They cover how to make a deep connection with tarot cards for your own wellbeing, how to read for yourself and how they can enrich your life on a daily basis.


Learn how to read the cards in a modern, empathic style that supports you and invites reflection, rather than predicts the future. It doesn't matter what you do (or don't!) believe about the tarot, my lessons and workshops are suitable for those who are looking to explore the tarot as a personal spiritual practice, as well as those interested in tarot as an artistic, self-support tool. 


Although the focus is on using tarot personally, the skills learned can be transferred to reading for others, too. 


I don’t however focus on reading commercially, so I don’t offer business tips etc.


I focus on teaching the basic structure of the tarot, and how to use a simple tarot formula to begin reading tarot cards straight away. We also explore keeping tarot journals and tarot meditations. In private lessons, l tailor your lesson for you. You can book one lesson to begin with, and if you feel you want more, they can be arranged ad-hoc. There’s no expectation that you come back for more though - if you want just one lesson, I will cram in everything that I can into that hour!


Each one-hour lesson costs £30. Lessons are usually (when we're not in COVID-19 lockdown) held at my cottage in Temple, Midlothian, which is about a half hour drive from Edinburgh. There is no public transport here so you need to drive or arrange for a lift. You get nice views of hills and horses for your troubles, lots of tea/coffee and the friendly company of my dog and cat!

I'm doing private tarot classes via telephone / Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp whilst we are in COVID-19 lockdown. Once lockdown is lifted, I hope to get back to offering 1-2-1 lesson at my home.


To book a lesson, email me. If you're looking for a tarot workshop at your event/festival etc, do get in touch.

"The workshop completely opened my eyes when it comes to tarot in a very positive way. Very positive experience, great energy, definitely encouraged me to get more involved in tarot. I highly recommend this workshop." Workshop Participant, December 2018


"The contents of the workshop were very accurate and well structured.  Very good energy!"

Workshop Participant, December 2018

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